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With the Internet of Things (IOT), Android Smartphone / tablet becomes the tool for data collection.
RIOTEC develops the “AndroScan -- mini barcode scanner + scan holder” which applied for Android OTG devices and make them become data collectors.

Its advantages include:

1.      Mini barcode scanner can plug into Android OTG Smartphone through micro USB port. Plug and Play.

2.      With appropriate APP, the Android Smartphone becomes the data collector economically.

3.      Mini barcode scanner is with touch trigger. The operation is easy.

4.      Scan Holder can protect mini barcode scanner from drop damages.  

5.      Scan Holder can be used for different size of Android OTG devices. (from 4” to 6” size)

6.      Scan Holder with PU glue / sucker can be stuck on smart-phone tightly.  
   PU glue can be repeatedly used.

7.      Scan Holder with Li-Ion battery inside can provide power to mini barcode scanner.

Finally, you don’t need to remove Scan Holder when in charge. You can charge both holder battery & smart-phone through its micro USB port directly