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Mobile barcode scanner (RIOSCAN) has an unique design which combines handheld
barcode scanner with iOS/Android smartphone closely. RIOSCAN can transmit barcode
data to smartphone via Bluetooth or USB OTG. 
With different APPs, "smartphone + RIOSCAN" can be applied in inventory management,
logistic, retail (mobile POS), ticket checker, production lines and other scanning applications. 


* The RIOSCAN 1D/2D barcode scanner is designed for Android/iOS phone use. 
* Supports two communication interface: 
   BT communication: HID profile or SPP profile (for iOS/Android devices)
   Wired communication: USB OTG cable (for Android OTG devices)
* With 1MB memory, RIOSCAN supports "data transmission" & "batch mode". 
  Besides, 1MB memroy can save 65,000 EAN13 codes. 
* Unique holder design makes smartphone & scanner combined easily & closely
* Cradle works as charging stand for both scanner & smartphone. When you put scanner
   onto cradle, the smartphone & scanner will be charged at the same time. 
* When in charge, please use the smartphone original USB power adapter.