Start to develop laser engine with new technology


First generation laser engine came out.                                                 


Second generation laser engine came out.


Third generation of laser engine came out.                                             




Be honored with 2005 National Invention & Creation Silver Award

Be honored with 2006 National Outstanding Photonics Product Award

Got the Award for the Best of Innovation. 




Got the Technology of Innovation Award 
Developed the first Mini barcode scanner "DC925x & DC926x series" for Android OTG smartphones in the world 

Developed the Wireless BT barcode scanner
which supports Apple iOS, Android, and Windows systesm  

Developed the Wireless / Wired Pocket barcode scanner "iDC95xx / DC95xx" series 

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RIOTEC is a self-design manufacturer of Advanced OPTICAL laser barcode scanner/engine in Taiwan. RIOTEC own more than 30 worldwide patents.

RIOTEC innovates up to date “NO MOVING PARTS inside” optical laser barcode scanners by new technology which is totally different with traditional laser barcode engine technology (vibrating mirror inside).

It combines both traditional laser & CCD scanners advantages and gets rid of their disadvantages. "NO MOVING PARTS" inside makes RIOTEC products more shockproof, longer lifetime and lower power consumption (65mA) than others.

Moreover, its engine is one of the most compact size engine (24.5*21.7*13.05 mm) also light weight, 8g. Beside its 1D laser barcode scanner is the real laser barcode scanner able to read directly from smart phone, tablet or PC. Unlike others using laser as aimer but READ by CCD scanner.

Features of RIOTEC’s Technology

˙No moving parts inside
˙Lowest power consumption in world -Green Product
˙Fixed Tender laser light, IEC60825 Class I
˙Less Harmful to eyes
˙Long lifetime, High reliability
˙Easy to read slim barcode
˙Got worldwide patents (USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China …etc.)