Since its founding in 2002, 
RIOTEC Co., Ltd. is dedicated to design, manufacture, market and service in Auto-ID products for both its own RIOTEC brand name and OEM/ODM market. Headquarter and production lines are located in Taipei, Taiwan. RIOTEC patented laser barcode scanner is implemented in advance optical laser technology.

New Technology: RIOTEC develops the new technology “ No Moving Parts inside laser scanner ” which is totally different with traditional laser scanner (vibrating mirror inside) so RIOTEC products easily provide years of service in retail, point-of-sale, inventory management, stock control, document tracking, office management, and other commercial environments and creating a favorable total cost.

R&D and Manufacturing: RIOTEC runs a strong R&D team with detailed, comprehensive and advanced capabilities, and is well managed along with the efficient and accomplished production lines, aiming to manufacture the most desired products for all clients.

Marketing: RIOTEC products are supplied to North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia so RIOTEC products are penetrated gradually around the globe. Website content is also updated monthly, to provide customers with the latest product information and event news.

1). No moving parts inside RIOTEC laser scanner 
2). Excellent reading performance
3). Fixed expanding laser light 
4). Lower power consumption
5). Ergonomic design 
6). Shockproof 
7). Above the price in value

RIOTEC’s excellence of professionals in the barcode reader industry has been recognized, like

1) 2005 National Invention & Creation Award - Silver
2) 2006 The Ninth Outstanding Photonics Product Award
3) 2009 The Best of Innovation Award
4) 2011 The Tehchnology of Innovation Award


Factory Location : Taipei, Taiwan
Established in : August, 2002